Miami (FL) USA: 19th and 20th of May




Jean Pierre Garnier Malet

author of the doubling theory of space and time.



(in French with translation in Spanish and English)

To use this forgotten Vital principle

 This scientific discovery shows how time appears to us to be continuous, but two perceptible instants are always separated by an imperceptible instant.

Doubling makes us present in a time which we do not perceive in our time, the present, but where our double watches over our memory of the past.

The principle of the doubling of time allows us to create our future possibilities. We can anticipate our future before having lived it. Our double can be present in two different times, at the same time.


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Jean Pierre Garnier Malet, físico y autor de la teoría del desdoblamiento del espacio y del tiempo (The Doubling Theory)