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Jean Pierre Garnier Malet, born in 1940 in Châtellerault, fluid mechanics physicist

Author of The Doubling Theory of space and time

As a young student in 1966, Jean-Pierre Malet surprised the scientific community by having been able to solve the Laplace-Bernoulli equation, known for being unintegrable. This is the object not only of a thesis, but also a report in the Academie de Sciences. The applicable phase is so interesting that it allows the Universite de Poitiers to be the first French university to be endowed with a computer, an IBM.

Published in the Academie de Sciences proposed by Leopold Escande (Report references “Ground effect on a comprehensible jetplane: convergent or divergent. Note by Li Fang Tsen and Jean Pierre Garnier Malet. Transmitted by Leopold Escande, report of 10 October 1966 volume 263, pages 500 to 503”). 

Ten years of research to discover The Doubling Theory

After an essential discovery concerning the property of time in 1988, Jean Pierre Malet has been working on the doubling theory. Sensing that he had on his hands a fundamental theory, he dedicates himself for 18 hours a day, for more than ten years, to his research concerning time.

In recognition of his wife who supported and helped him in these ten years of solitary research, Jean Pierre Malet added her surname to his. Having been Jean Pierre Malet since birth, he signed the ensemble of his publications as Jean Pierre Garnier Malet.

Published between 1998 and 2014, his doubling theory of time contributes many scientific premises, which also, and overall, make possible the explanation of the mechanics of life, our thoughts and the best possible use of intuitions, instincts and foresight that this doubling makes available to us at every instant.

Numerous refereed, scientific mediation, publications after 1998:

Firstly four refereed scientific publications dedicated to the same theory from 1998 to 2001:

1. J.P. Garnier Malet, 1998, Modelling and Computing of Anticipatory Systems: Application to the Solar System, International Journal of Computing Anticipatory Systems. Vol. 2. 132-156, Ed. by D.M. Dubois, Publ. By CHAOS, Liege Belgium.

2. J.P. Garnier Malet, 1999, Geometrical Model of Anticipatory Embedded Systems, International Journal of Computing Anticipatory Systems. Vol. 3. 143-159, Ed. by D.M. Dubois, Publ. By CHAOS, Liège Belgium.

3. J.P. Garnier Malet, 2000, The Doubling Theory, International Journal of Computing Anticipatory Systems Vol. 5. 39-62, Ed. by D.M. Dubois, Publ. By CHAOS, Liège Belgium.

4. J.P. Garnier Malet, 2001, The Three Time Flows of Any Quantum or Cosmic Particle, International Journal of Computing Anticipatory Systems Vol. 10. 311-321, Ed. by D.M. Dubois, Publ. By CHAOS, Liège Belgium

These were followed up by three scientific conferences in London on the applications of the doubling theory:

5. J.P. Garnier Malet et al., 2002, The Doubling Theory Can Explain Homeopathy, International Journal of Computing Anticipatory Systems Ed. by D.M. Dubois, Publ. By CHAOS, Liège Belgium.

6. J.P. Garnier Malet et al., 2003, The Relativistic Correction According to the Doubling Theory, Physical Interpretation of Relativity Theory (PIRT VIII) Ed. Michael C. Duffy, University of Sunderland, London.

7. J.P. Garnier Malet et al., 2003 The Explanation of the E.P.R. Paradox and the Big Bang, According to the Doubling Theory, Physical Interpretation of Relativity Theory (PIRT IX) Ed. Michael C. Duffy, University of Sunderland, London.7.


In 2006 Garnier Malet received the Best Paper Award for his publication in The American Institute of Physics (AIP).  “The Doubling Theory Corrects The Titius-Bode Law and Defines the Fine Structure Constant in The Solar System” Seventh International Conference 2006  American Institute of Physics 0-7354-0331-7/06.


In 2009 Garnier Malet is published in the ICNAAM: “The Doubling Theory” provides the calculation of two universal constants: speed of light – fine structure constant and it explains dark energy and dark matter (abstract at AIP).


A universal law related to time: The Doubling Theory

Since 1996 Jean Pierre Garnier Malet has been striving to make known to the general public his theory and its numerous and important applications and most especially anticipation, instinct and the intuition linked to the vital principal of the doubling of time.  As he does not belong to any investigative laboratory, having well passed retirement age, he has no media coverage nor the common assistance that laboratories lend to their researchers.


N.B.  Till this moment JPGM has authorised no person to teach the doubling theory and its appliations in our daily lives in relation to our double.

The Doubling Theory of time and space

Jean Pierre Garnier Malet

"Intento enseñar una noción nueva y revolucionaria del tiempo que descubrí en 1988. Accesible a todos y comprobada y probada científicamente por mis publicaciones, permite encontrar un rápido equilibrio en el día a día. Sin embargo, mi enseñanza exige nunca criticar ni juzgar al prójimo y prohíbe toda propaganda, fanatismo o proselitismo. Aquellos que la quieran dar a conocer deben pues tener esta misma exigencia hacia sí mismos para no incumbir en errores de consecuencias desastrosas que lo desnaturalizarían. Es pues indiscutible, que es necesaria mi aprobación pues no quiero ser responsable de una enseñanza insuficiente o deplorable, efectuada sin la mínima posibilidad de control. Son numerosos quienes, no estando en esta óptica, utilizan mi enseñanza con fines personales. A día de hoy no he acreditado a ninguna persona para enseñar la teoría del desdoblamiento y sus aplicaciones diarias relacionadas con el doble."
“I try to teach a new and revolutionary notion of time, which I discovered in 1988. Accessible to all and scientifically tried and tested through my publications, it allows us to find a quick balance within our day to day lives. Nevertheless my teaching demands that we never criticise nor judge our neighbour and forbids all propaganda, fanaticism or proselytism. Those that wish to make these teachings known must therefore have the same demands in respect to themselves so as to not fall into errors of disastrous consequences which would misinterpret these same teachings. It is indisputable that my approval is necessary as I do not wish to be responsible for an insufficient or regrettable teaching, undertaken without the least possibility of controlling it. There are many who, not being of this viewpoint, make use of my teaching for their personal advantage. Up to this moment I have authorised no person to teach the doubling theory and its daily applications related to the double”.