Change your future through the Time Openings

Autor: Jean-Pierre Garnier Malet

ISBN 978-84-940168-7-5 (20€)


CHANGE YOUR FUTURE through the Time Openings is not a utopia. If on a walking journey, overwhelmed by the heat, you came upon a cool stream of water, you would empty the warmish content of your canteen and refill it to quench your thirst. In the same way, you should empty your memory of all that you have learned to start off again from new foundations which you will find both surprising and necessary.

In fact, by up-ending dogmas, assumptions, received and pre-conceived ideas, this book presents you with a revolutionary discovery concerning the past, the present and the future, which will bring about a complete re-assessment of your way of approaching life. By making use of it within your daily life, you will be able to quickly re-find your balance, individually, physically, psychically, as well as within your family or professional life.

Through immediate and spectacular applications, it is quickly possible to put these affirmations to the test: re-establishing a lost balance by controlling the past and the future is as easy asgetting ourselves into difficult and even impossible situations or making ourselves ill due to our own ignorance.

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La ciencia al servicio del hombre

Jean Pierre Garnier Malet

"Intento enseñar una noción nueva y revolucionaria del tiempo que descubrí en 1988. Accesible a todos y comprobada y probada científicamente por mis publicaciones, permite encontrar un rápido equilibrio en el día a día. Sin embargo, mi enseñanza exige nunca criticar ni juzgar al prójimo y prohíbe toda propaganda, fanatismo o proselitismo. Aquellos que la quieran dar a conocer deben pues tener esta misma exigencia hacia sí mismos para no incumbir en errores de consecuencias desastrosas que lo desnaturalizarían. Es pues indiscutible, que es necesaria mi aprobación pues no quiero ser responsable de una enseñanza insuficiente o deplorable, efectuada sin la mínima posibilidad de control. Son numerosos quienes, no estando en esta óptica, utilizan mi enseñanza con fines personales. A día de hoy no he acreditado a ninguna persona para enseñar la teoría del desdoblamiento y sus aplicaciones diarias relacionadas con el doble."
“I try to teach a new and revolutionary notion of time, which I discovered in 1988. Accessible to all and scientifically tried and tested through my publications, it allows us to find a quick balance within our day to day lives. Nevertheless my teaching demands that we never criticise nor judge our neighbour and forbids all propaganda, fanaticism or proselytism. Those that wish to make these teachings known must therefore have the same demands in respect to themselves so as to not fall into errors of disastrous consequences which would misinterpret these same teachings. It is indisputable that my approval is necessary as I do not wish to be responsible for an insufficient or regrettable teaching, undertaken without the least possibility of controlling it. There are many who, not being of this viewpoint, make use of my teaching for their personal advantage. Up to this moment I have authorised no person to teach the doubling theory and its daily applications related to the double”.